Mixing engineer specialised in R&B & Jazz

Take your music to the next level and make sure that the quality of your mix matches your musical creativity



You have spent many hours during the process of writing, recording and producing your songs, and now you are looking for someone who understands your vision and dedicates the same love and attention to your music. Work hand in hand with me to get the sound that your productions need and let the mix highlight your musical creativity.


I create cohesive, punchy and well balanced LOUD masters that will allow your music to translate properly throughout the different playback systems in the market, while at the same time making your songs stand out in the playlists next to your favorite artists.


Understanding your vision

Tell me about your project and what do you have in mind?

A good mix starts with good communication. The first step to achieve the right result is to understand your vision in order to know where you want to take your music to in terms of sound. At this point we will collect references of other songs and talk for as long as we need until we make sure we’re on the same boat.

Understanding your vision
Translate it to a technical level

Send me your files along with the rough mix

Once the goal is clear, you can now sit back and relax and be sure to receive your mix in between 48 to 72 hours (for EP’s or albums, the waiting time is proportional to the number of songs). I work with an unlimited revisions policy, so you can rest easy knowing that we will spend as much time as necessary during the revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Translate it to a technical level
Review and Refine

Work with me from anywhere in the world

At this point we will perfect the details of the mix such as: creative effects, small volume changes or automations to create movement in the audio. You can work with me from my studio located in the city of Barcelona, or remotely from anywhere in the world, through high-quality audio and video in real time.

Review and Refine


Have a listen to some of the projects where I’ve had the pleasure to work on

  • 4+1 - War (Mixer) 00:00
  • Bardia Charaf - Happy People (Mixer) 00:00
  • Sofree - Uzume (Mixer) 00:00
  • Bernardo Parrilla - Calle Olmedo (Mixer) 00:00
  • The One - O'o (Recording Engineer & Mixer) 00:00
  • Vital - Encendido (Recording Engineer & Mixer) 00:00
  • Juana Gaitán - La Moraleja (Mixer) 00:00
2022  |

"Happy Girl"


2022  |



2022  |

"Quan Es Pon Es Sol"


2022  |



2022  |

"Melodías Del Viento"


2022  |

"Calle Olmedo"

Bernardo Parilla

2022  |



2021  |

"Dos Mundos"

Juana Gaitán


Hey there, My name is Andres Giraldo!

I’m a mixing and mastering engineer specialised in the Pop & World Music genres.

I’m deeply passionate about audio and throughout my 10 years of experience in the music industry, I’ve helped a wide array of artists to achieve industry standard quality mixes and masters, which has then contributed to millions of streams across multiple streaming digital platforms.

The focus of my work is based on a personalised attention in order to help the artist or the producer to better understand the type of sound they’re looking for, to then work hand in hand with them until we achieve the result we’re looking for

“A mix is never finished until the artist is 100% satisfied with the result”.

Aside from the strong focus on the quality of sound, I go beyond my relationship as an engineer by trying to connect artists and musicians with relevant figures in the industry that will help their careers to grow.

What Makes Me Different?

Specialized in the genres of R&B & Jazz

Therefore always ensuring 100% quality on the end result.

Personalized attention like nowhere else

Rest assured that your music is in the right hands

A unique sound based on your music and production

Work with someone who understands your vision and concept.


I know that as an artist, musician or producer your time is of great value and that is why I have decided to add this option.

If you’re not sure which mixing engineer to work with and would like to hear a sample of what your music or production would sound like if you worked with me, now it is possible!

You just have to click on the button below and fill out the form with your contact information.

From there we will send you an email with instructions on how to send your multitrack files or stems and you will get a mix of approximately 30 seconds of a piece of your song.

It is 100% free and without any risk!


Tell Me About Your Project

How would you like for us to work together?

A good mix always start with a good communication.